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I Haven’t Used Soap In Two Months And Look What It’s Done To Me

If you read the article, 10 Disgusting Ways To Create Less Waste, you may remember disgusting way #5: Don’t use soap in the shower. Soaps, body washes, and scrubs all come with packaging and substances that are essentially wasted. Aside from decreasing waste, I stopped using soap in the shower for the same reason I stopped …

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Eating Vegetables Is Not A Form Of Punishment

“Finish your broccoli,” my mother would say at the dinner table when I was a kid. Noticing that my mother’s plate did not contain broccoli, I would ask, “But, where is your broccoli, Mommy?” Without hesitation, Mommy replied, “I ate mine in the kitchen while I was cooking.” Years later, I found out that was a …

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All Natural vs. Organic

How many times do you see the term “all natural” on a food item and automatically think it’s good for you?  I’ve been educating people about food and nutrition for six years now and I still find myself falling for it occasionally. The term “all natural” is used mainly for marketing purposes.  It is a …

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