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Eat Well

Fuel your body with nutrients so that it can function properly.

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Think Well

Manage your thoughts and take personal responsibility for yourself.

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Live Well

Make good decisions for yourself, your relationships, the environment, and society.

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Be Well

Continue to eat, think, and live well most days.

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At The Be Well Place, we focus primarily on how the body works and how to support its natural functions. Instead of using a complex formula to attain perfect health, we stick to the basics and work on the fundamentals of wellness. We also dedicate ourselves to becoming responsible consumers so that collectively we can create a market conducive to our health needs.

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Eating Well
The first area we must focus on is food. We must feed our bodies the nutrients they need in order to function they way they are supposed to. Start with these articles on how to think about food and how to choose food:

5 Reasons Why We're Fat
How To Read A Nutrition Label And Choose Food
10 Foods You Should Be Eating Every Day
Thinking Well
Once our bodies are properly nourished, we can focus on the mind. Our thoughts create patterns of behavior, which drive our decisions. Our decisions affect our relationships, careers, bodies, the environment, and society. Learning to manage our mind is one of the best skills we can acquire in order to obtain personal well-being and well-being of the world. Read through these articles:

Letting Go Of The Past: A Logical Method
Practical Meditation Part 1: The Purpose And Benefits Of Meditating
It’s Okay To Take A Break When You’re Overwhelmed And Reprioritize What’s Important
Living well is about taking personal responsibility of ourselves. This includes taking responsibility of our bodies, thoughts, actions, words, deeds, relationships, and decisions. Living well means taking care of our bodies by exercising and eating well. Living well also means learning and using compassion in our relationships with others and our relationship with ourselves. It is about making good decisions that take into consideration the environment and society. Read and reflect on these articles:

Be Happy Now: 5 Steps To Happiness
How To Reason With Unreasonable People
Practical Ways To Save The World: How To Make A Difference Every Day