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Inspirational Quotes for Women - The Be Well Place and FTD

Be the Change to Celebrate Women’s History Month

I can be skeptical and slow to trust people. Especially when people I’ve never met email me out of the blue about articles they think I’d like on my website. But I’m so glad I let my guard down last week when the incredible Alexandria Heinz from FTD messaged me about International Women’s Day. It’s …

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Stop Calling People Toxic - The Be Well Place

Stop Calling People Toxic (and Start Developing Compassion)

You see it everywhere: How to Remove Toxic People From Your Life, How to Handle Toxic Friends, and Signs You’re in a Toxic Relationship. Stop it. Just stop it. Stop calling people toxic. Calling people toxic gives us a sense of power and righteousness. It relieves us of responsibility and justifies our feelings and circumstances. …

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The Most Powerful Thing You Can Do When Someone Pisses You Off

Okay you’re pissed. And you’re trying really hard to not react, lose your cool, or overdramatize the situation. I could give you some gentle Buddha quotes to ease your temperament, but I doubt they’d help right now. A punching bag would probably be more useful. Or maybe some kitten therapy. If it makes you feel any …

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How To Handle The Hypocrites In Your Life

Isn’t it annoying when people complain about the very things they themselves do? Isn’t it so friggin’ frustrating when people preach one thing then do another? Yeah…but, who cares? I do it. You do it, too. People don’t always set out to be preachers or know-it-alls. And they certainly don’t set out to be hypocrites. …

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The One Thing That Kills All Relationships

We hem. We haw. We wonder. We sit in silence with glaring eyes and dissatisfied temperaments. All because people aren’t doing what we expect them to do. Expectation is the number one killer of relationships. Assumption is a close second. And communication brings up the rear. Our biggest fault, hugest mistake, most glaringly obvious blunder is placing …

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Anxiety Is Like Second Hand Smoke

Some things just don’t need to be shared. Anxiety is one of them. We all need to vent from time to time, but when we find that our conversations are mostly complaints, it’s time to take a few breaths and reorient our thinking. Anxiety is energy Anxiety is a form of energy – and not …

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A red stone in the shape of a heart in a bowl of gray stones.

3 ways to practice self-love

Self-love doesn’t come easy for everyone. Some of us are conditioned to feel guilty for prioritizing ourselves above others. But we are a big part of our lives and just as important as everyone else. And if we don’t take care of ourselves, what good are we to anyone? For those out there struggling with …

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Other People Don’t Define You

Self-perception is an odd thing. We can try and try and try to not let other people’s words and actions determine our self-worth, but it’s really hard. And sometimes we trip over the stones others drop in front of us, regardless if they meant to drop them or not. Other people’s words and actions don’t define …

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Stay Close To Those Who Love You - The Be Well Place

Stay Close to Those Who Love You

Everyone’s got “stuff.” Some people’s stuff is heavier than others. Some people’s is stinkier. But no matter the weight, shape or longevity, everyone’s got something to deal with. That’s why it’s so important – so very, very important – to stay close to those who love us. Because every so often, there comes a time …

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5 Life Lessons I Learned Last Month

Sometimes when we feel lost we go into self-loathing mode and it’s hard to snap out of it. But feeling low does nothing productive for our state of disarrangement. So, we must actively manage our thoughts to prevent getting stuck in the abyss of dissatisfaction. In my personal life, so much has happened in the past four …

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