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What Is One Thing You Can Change Right Now - Be Well Place

What Is One Thing You Can Change Right Now?

Change doesn’t have to be dramatic. It can be simple and quiet. Change doesn’t have to be perfectly planned. It can be impulsive and experimental. But change does have to happen if you want your life to improve. So, what’s one thing you can change right now? Think of something simple. Like, stop picking at your …

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How to Align Your Thoughts With Your Goals - The Be Well Place

How to Align Your Thoughts With Your Goals

To achieve the life of your dreams, you need to align your thoughts with what’s truly important to you. If you have no idea what’s truly important to you, check out: What Is Your Purpose in Life? Do This and Find Out. Once you get a decent handle on what you truly value, the next step …

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What Is Your Purpose in Life Do This and Find Out - The Be Well Place

What Is Your Purpose in Life? Do This and Find Out

Do you feel stagnant? Like there’s something else you should be doing with your time here on Earth? Are you contemplating your purpose in life and trying to figure out what your passions are? Welcome, human. You are among friends. Dr. Robert J. Vallerand, author of The Psychology of Passion: A Dualistic Model, states that …

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Life Doesn't Have To Be Epic To Be Awesome - The Be Well Place

Life Doesn’t Have To Be Epic To Be Awesome

Life is a series of events strung together with feelings. We don’t have to jump out of planes, win races, or have VIP status to think our lives are amazing. Often, it’s in the small moments when we find true joy. A quiet joy that resonates through every cell and reminds us how wonderful it …

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The Only Way To Change The World

We like to think we can make a difference and change the world. We like to think that our actions produce outcomes that can change the world for the better. But the reality is: We can’t change the world with the intent to change the world. Forcing change upon the world is silly – even …

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Stop Calling People Toxic - The Be Well Place

Stop Calling People Toxic (and Start Developing Compassion)

You see it everywhere: How to Remove Toxic People From Your Life, How to Handle Toxic Friends, and Signs You’re in a Toxic Relationship. Stop it. Just stop it. Stop calling people toxic. Calling people toxic gives us a sense of power and righteousness. It relieves us of responsibility and justifies our feelings and circumstances. …

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The Most Powerful Thing You Can Do When Someone Pisses You Off

Okay you’re pissed. And you’re trying really hard to not react, lose your cool, or overdramatize the situation. I could give you some gentle Buddha quotes to ease your temperament, but I doubt they’d help right now. A punching bag would probably be more useful. Or maybe some kitten therapy. If it makes you feel any …

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How To Handle The Hypocrites In Your Life

Isn’t it annoying when people complain about the very things they themselves do? Isn’t it so friggin’ frustrating when people preach one thing then do another? Yeah…but, who cares? I do it. You do it, too. People don’t always set out to be preachers or know-it-alls. And they certainly don’t set out to be hypocrites. …

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The One Thing That Kills All Relationships

We hem. We haw. We wonder. We sit in silence with glaring eyes and dissatisfied temperaments. All because people aren’t doing what we expect them to do. Expectation is the number one killer of relationships. Assumption is a close second. And communication brings up the rear. Our biggest fault, hugest mistake, most glaringly obvious blunder is placing …

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Anxiety Is Like Second Hand Smoke

Some things just don’t need to be shared. Anxiety is one of them. We all need to vent from time to time, but when we find that our conversations are mostly complaints, it’s time to take a few breaths and reorient our thinking. Anxiety is energy Anxiety is a form of energy – and not …

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