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5 Fall Cookie Recipes That Your Whole Family Will Love - The Be Well Place

5 Fall Cookie Recipes That Your Whole Family Will Love

Looking for easy fall cookie recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth this season? Look no further! Here are five super simple recipes that the whole family will drool over. Candy Corn Sugar Cookies Autumn embellishments definitely make an appearance in my fall cookie recipes. I made a batch of these sugar cookies last week, and they …

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3 Reasons Why Candy Corn Is Healthy - The Be Well Place

3 Reasons Why Candy Corn Is Healthy

Made you look! Tee-hee. Come on…candy corn isn’t healthy, silly. It’s nothing but sugar, artificial flavors, and food coloring. What’s healthy about that? Do you not read my articles? For shame! Okay, I confess. I like candy corn. I know it’s not good for me, but I eat a smidge of it anyways every October. So, …

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Christmas Is Bigger Than Christ

Christmas is a very special religious holiday where Christians all around the world celebrate the birth of Christ. But I’m here to tell you, Christmas is so much bigger than that. I grew up Catholic, so I once devoted myself to Christ and fully experienced the mystery and magic of Advent. It was lovely to grow …

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Best Weight Loss Diet For The Holiday Season

Do you want sculpted abs and firm thighs, but while enjoying this season’s finest holiday cookies, candy, and pie? Hahahahaha! You’re so cute… Let’s be real. It is impossible to indulge ’til your soul is content while maintaining your current physique. It is even more impossible to lose weight during the holiday season when you …

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