10 Ways To Show Someone You Care

It is important to show people that we care about them. Specifically, it is important to show our dearest friends and family that we love and appreciate them.

As we settle in our life routine, we easily forget that relationships take work.

In order to have the closeness and connection that we humans desire, we must be proactive in our relationships. Part of being proactive means regularly communicating how much we care and appreciate the special people that enrich our lives.

The best way to communicate how much someone means to us is by small acts of kindness.

Here are ten ways we can show people in our lives that we care about them:

1. Ask how their day was, and then listen.

Look them in the eye and actively listen to their story. Ask another question or two based on their answer. Be engaged in the conversation.

2. Send a text when we think of them.

So many small events in life remind us of a friend or a funny moment from the past. Instead of keeping that enjoyment to ourselves, let’s text our buddies saying, “Hey remember when…”

Maybe text a picture with the caption, “This made me think of you.” Small messages like that really brighten people’s days and let them know we are thinking of them.

3. Post a Throwback Thursday photo on Facebook.

It’s always fun to dig up awesomely bad photographs from high school and post them on Facebook. An easy way to show people that they mean something special to us is to publish childhood memories.

Throwback Thursdays are great opportunities to post BFF photos and group shots. These photos remind us of our youth, our innocent and forgiving friendships, and hopes for the future. It’s instant re-bonding.

4. Use the gift they bought us.

Wear the t-shirt, fill up the handbag, hang up the art piece, and keep the wine charms within reach. Maybe it’s not completely our style, but it’s certainly an extension of our loved one and a symbol of friendship.

Next time we use or wear the gift, let’s take a selfie with it and text it to the person who gave it to us. That person will be so thrilled and happy and feel a sense of connection to us.

5. Give them a specific compliment.

“You look nice,” “this tastes amazing,” and “wow, that’s impressive,” are great compliments to give any person; but for a close friend, let’s find something more specific to say.

Specific compliments from someone who knows them very well (knows all the goods and uglies) mean so much more than a generic compliment from a stranger.

6. Send them a motivational quote related to their goal.

To a friend who is job hunting, let’s find a good quote about persistence and confidence. To a friend who is training for a half-marathon, let’s send a quote about the journey being more important than the destination. To a friend who is troubled, let’s send a funny joke (depending on their personality, of course).

Not only does this communicate that we care, but it also may lift up our friends and give them the push they need.

7. Make time for them and initiate plans.

We are all busy. The best way to show people that we care and appreciate them is to spend time with them.

Let’s call our friends up and invite them over for dinner. Suggest happy hour after work one day or meet at a park for a Saturday morning jog.

Why do yard work alone? Let’s grab our buddies, a case of beer (or maybe just a vegetable platter…), and pull weeds together.

Let’s continue to create memories so that we don’t always have to rely on those Throwback Thursday photos…

8. Don’t tease them too much.

Sometimes we think that when we are close to someone, we have a license to tease that person. Teasing can be harmless and fun at times, but let’s definitely avoid the topics that make our friends squirm.

Instead, let’s focus more on building them up and encouraging them than poking at their soft spots.

9. Tell them the truth.

Let’s not let our friends walk around with celery hanging from their teeth or their shirts tucked into their underwears. If they ask us how they look and they look like their clothes are trying to suffocate the life out of them, let’s gently let them know that it’s not the most flattering combination.

The truth can be hurtful at times, but coming from a trusted friend, it is gold.

10. Say thank you often.

Even if it has been years since we last saw someone, let’s tell that person that we appreciate them. People come and go throughout our lives, and we should always tell the special ones how special they are to us.

The best way to say thank you is in a hand-written greeting card. Let’s occasionally send a simple little note via snail mail with our own handwriting and signature. In a world full of Facebook and texting, it is so refreshing to receive physical messages; and it shows that we went a little further than a text to say that we care.


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(photo credit: Brandon Christopher Warren via photopin cc)


  1. RMC says:


    “Don’t tease them too much.”

    Seriously WOW!

    I am extremely guilty of this. This will be difficult to overcome, but I am so glad you mentioned this.

    • Rachael says:

      Thanks for sharing, Radiant! I am definitely guilty of this as well; and I am often teased. Teasing can be harmless and an indicator of how close we are to people, but it can also go too far or be too frequent. I’m personally working on building-up my friends rather than teasing them in order to show that I care and am close to them.

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