Equality Is In The Mind

Justice and equality do not exist because of any law or policy or because of the lack of any law or policy. Justice and equality exist when a person looks at another person with acceptance, though they may be very different individuals.

Fifty years ago today, Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech at the Lincoln Memorial about his vision of an America known for its reverence and acceptance for differences among its People. He was a peaceful yet powerful leader that managed to inspire over 250,000 people to attend his speech, which has resonated in every caveat of our history since.

How do you think Mr. King would rate our progress to date?

Do you think he would be proud of our progress? Do you think he would be disappointed? Do you think he would see improvements? Or do you think he would say that nothing has really changed but the law?

Mr. King was very focused on gaining freedom and rights for African Americans; however, his presence alongside other movements inspired many social groups to demand fair treatment and stand up to injustice. Women were a huge part of the Civil Rights Movement demanding equal pay, equal treatment, and equal opportunity to support a better future. To be an African-American woman in the 50’s and 60’s was like a double whammy of injustice and discrimination.

Would women of the 60’s be proud of the accomplishments of women to date? Would they see gaps and unfinished business? Or would they wipe their hands clean to a job well done?

There are many ways to view the world, but the view that really hits home is our own. What do you see in your daily life? Do you see small injustices occurring? Big injustices? Do you see people treated equally at work, in restaurants, at the bank? Do you notice yourself exhibiting different behavior depending on what “type” of people you are around or what area of the city you are in? Do people you know use derogatory language to describe various “types” of people? Do you tend to lack the sense that there are “different” people out there?


What are your thoughts about the status of justice and equality in America? The social structure of our society typically does not change in one day; but, on the other hand, it certainly can. Milestones in our history are data points that we can use to chart our progress. So, since August 28, 1963, the day of the famous “I Have a Dream” speech, how do you think we are doing?

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