Life Transformation Starts with Self-Forgiveness

Life Transformation Starts With Self-Forgiveness

Life transformation starts with self-forgiveness. We have to clean the slate before we can build a new, sturdy foundation.

And we have to practice acceptance at the most basic level, starting with ourselves.

We need to forgive ourselves for our mistakes, imperfections, and embarrassments. We must accept that we aren’t perfect and will probably continue to mess up in unforeseen ways throughout our lives. And we need to be okay with that and forgive ourselves in advance.

Self-forgiveness is about accepting ourselves as fallible, imperfect humans, and knowing we’re still worthwhile.

As we learn to forgive ourselves daily and practice self-acceptance, our lives will naturally become a transformation hub for unbounded love, and we’ll find joyful meaning in all that we are and all that we do.

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