Monday Motivation For February 16, 2015

Let’s face it: the founding fathers of America were badasses.

Sure, they were wealthy white guys with questionable ethics and a distaste for illiteracy. But they were also idealists who had enough courage to stand up for what they believed in – freedom.

They knew freedom would come with costs, but that didn’t stop them from fighting for it.

Today, we hardly notice this freedom because it’s become so ingrained in our culture. Although that’s a good thing, we typically take it too far into the entitlement zone and forget that having freedom means having great responsibility.

Instead of continuing the hard work of the founding fathers to secure our individual and societal freedom and, thus, uphold our responsibilities as citizens of this great nation, we sit back and point fingers at people we feel threaten our personal freedoms and demand that other people work hard to secure it.

And if no one else works to secure our personal freedoms, we blame those we feel are responsible.

Since the founding of The United States of America, there has formed a blood trail of discrimination and injustice. But our founding fathers initiated a societal structure that allows individuals to express themselves and defend their own stances.

Much of the controversy we experience today is the result of our freedom to defend ourselves, stand up to people who knock us down, and challenge the authority we appoint to create social order.

We often forget that is it our freedom that allows us to fight each other.

And it is also our freedom that allows us to love as we please.

This President’s Day, let’s not assert blame onto those we feel have failed to secure our personal freedoms.

Instead, let’s reflect on the courage and commitment of the individuals that have stuck their necks out to continue the work of our founding fathers.

Let’s be grateful that there are people in our society ready and willing to undertake one of the most challenging lines of work in the world – leading a nation.

To the Presidents of The United States of America: Thank you for your service and willingness to dedicate your life to our great country. Through all your successes and all your mistakes, you are an admirable human being and a symbol of the freedom you work to protect.

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