Monday Motivation for February 9, 2015

When we are of love, we are our true selves and our best selves.

Love is a gift to give others, and it is a gift to give ourselves. But even more importantly, love is the expression of the true self in its purest form.

All our souls are of love. If we are not loving, then we are not allowing our true souls to reveal and express themselves.

This week, be who you truly are: a physical manifestation of love.

Love the people closest to you – family, friends, and coworkers.

Love yourself.

Love the grocery store clerk, librarian, highway cop, homeless person, and janitor.

Love the CEO, lawyer, physician, politician, and stock broker.

Love the vegans, celibates, conservatives, and progressives.

Is it really that hard to love?

No, it’s not hard at all.

When we put our egos aside, let go of our desire to control all things, and accept and admire our interconnectedness, love is easy.

Make life easy on yourself by setting aside all things that prevent your true self, your best self, from expressing itself.

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