Monday Motivation for May 11, 2015

Mother’s Day is not just a bouquet of flowers, a piece of jewelry, or a fancy dinner. It’s a day to celebrate the person who rented out her womb, sacrificed her sanity, put her needs aside so that another human being could live.

But such a day does not require fanfare or exuberant praise.

All a mother ever really wants is for her children to be happy and safe. And maybe a thank-you every now and then to assure her that her love isn’t all for naught.

But we shouldn’t say thank-you to our mothers just once a year. We shouldn’t wait until that Sunday in May to show our appreciation.

Mother’s Day is every single day. 

Maybe your mom isn’t the nicest person in the world. It doesn’t matter. She’s your mom and she loves you whether she likes it or not. Respect her.

Maybe your mom is no longer walking among us. It doesn’t matter. She played a very important role in your life and can still be given gratitude and love. Remember her.

Maybe you never knew your biological mother. It doesn’t matter. She brought you into this world and you are able to live your life because of it. Acknowledge her.

Maybe you were raised by or felt more connected to someone other than your biological mother. It doesn’t matter. She cared for you as her own you gave you a new life. Appreciate her.

Maybe your mother isn’t a woman. It doesn’t matter. That person who raised you mothered you and gave you abundant love. Accept that person.

We must love our mothers – no matter who they were, no matter who they are now. We must love and appreciate our mothers every single day. Period.

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