Monday Motivation: Life Is Too Short To Not Have Fun

Do you know how many years you have left? Weeks, days, minutes?

Neither do I.

This is not a tragedy, nor is death itself.

Nay, this is an opportunity.

If life were permanent, we’d never appreciate it fully.

We are given a short time here on Earth to love, learn, and enjoy – especially enjoy.

Working hard and pushing past our limits is essential for our survival and evolution, individually and collectively. But it is also crucial that we take time to have fun in life.

It’s so easy to take our jobs, our responsibilities, and ourselves too seriously. And it’s perfectly fine to do so when there are important tasks to perform.

But when the stress piles on to the point we feel our insides may spew out of our ears, let’s take five minutes to contemplate the impermanence of life and how precious every minute is truly is.

Now, we don’t have to completely throw in the towel, quit our lives, hop on a sailboat, and live at sea while porting to various islands for exotic fruits and rums and listening to ancient parables, gathering up bits of wisdom from all the world. (Although, doesn’t that sound awesome?!)

Having fun in life doesn’t have to be epic. It can be little things like humming “Sister Golden Hair” while walking to the parking lot, noticing how cute a squirrel looks when it anxiously scurries up a tree, or laughing after an awkward high-five.

Rather than setting sail on an epic voyage to discover all the fun life has to offer, let’s simply increase our awareness of the little joys tucked in the crevices of our daily lives.

Let’s smile at the silly stuff and hum to the tune. Let’s wiggle and beebop and let all the bad jokes rip.

Because life is just too darn short to not have fun.

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