Monday Motivation for March 9, 2015

We often feel pressured to put others before ourselves. When we put others before ourselves, we convince ourselves that we’re doing the right thing, no matter what it costs us.

I disagree with this philosophy.

It is not selfish to put your needs before someone else’s. It is not selfish for you to prioritize your health and well-being over someone else’s.

You are a person on this earth, just like everyone else.

Your needs matter. Your health matters. Your goals matter.

You have a duty to take good care of yourself. And when you take good care of yourself, you are capable of doing your duty to others.


When we make a habit of thinking that our needs, our health, and our goals are the only needs, health, and goals that matter on this earth, that’s when we become selfish.

You MUST prioritize yourself in your life. If you don’t, you’re useless to everyone else.

If you truly want to help people and fulfill your duty to others, you have to make sure your body is functioning properly, your mind is actively managed, and your spirit is light and of love.

It is more selfish to neglect yourself because you don’t feel like exercising, eating vegetables, or reading a book. Even if you’re excuse is because you’re taking care of someone else.

This is a huge paradigm shift for many people. It’s not an easy transition. But it is necessary.

Carve out time in your schedule to perform your duty to yourself.

Focus on you and you alone during this time, so that you can be a strong, smart, capable person for the people you care about.

But don’t lose sight of why you’re focusing on yourself.

We become selfish when we appoint our needs as the most important needs on earth.

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