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What Is One Thing You Can Change Right Now?

Change doesn’t have to be dramatic. It can be simple and quiet.

Change doesn’t have to be perfectly planned. It can be impulsive and experimental.

But change does have to happen if you want your life to improve.

So, what’s one thing you can change right now?

Think of something simple. Like, stop picking at your fingernails or squinting. Just fold your hands neatly and relax your face muscles.

Simple, and a step in the direction of change.

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Don’t Start With the Big Stuff

Thinking of overhauling your life? Let me guess. You want to lose weight, get a job that expresses your passions, say goodbye to dead-end relationships, find true love and friendship, and travel the world.

To achieve all that, are you vowing to rid yourself of all junk food, quit your job on the spot, dump your mates, join topic-focused meetup groups, and book a flight to Nepal?

Extreme actions aren’t going to solve all your problems and *poof* you into the life of your dreams.

Why? Because you’re not actually addressing your problems. You’re just changing your environment.

You’ll take all your worries and woes with you to the new grocery store, new company, new friendship, and new city. You’ll do the same thing you’ve always done, just with different people and different scenery.

It’s wonderful to jump into a new life with both feet and let the universe decide what happens to you. But to get whisked away on a delightful journey, you need to let go of stuff that weighs you down. And oftentimes, heavy stuff comes in small packages.

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Redirect the Teeny Weeny

Instead of making dramatic overhauls, start releasing the overbearing teeny weeny things so that you can get on track.

What’s one tiny thing that you can change right at this moment in time?

Are you shaking your foot? Scratching your beard? Thinking mean thoughts about a relative or coworker? Do you wish the past was the present? Are you fearful of the future?

Pick just one thing and redirect it along the path you actually want to be on.

Focus on Alignment

Before you make a decision, ask yourself: Does this align with the lifestyle I want to live? Does this behavior get me closer to where I want to be? Does this food, this conversation, this music, or this attitude align with my path?

If yes, keep it up.

If not, let that thought or behavior go and replace it with one that helps keep you on your chosen path.

Want to change paths? No problem. Just consciously decide to do so, and resist blaming external circumstances for your choices.

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My “one thing” is writing new blog posts and sending regular emails. I’m busy, have lots of stuff going on, and lack confidence at times. However, this website is one of my main passions. So, why the heck wouldn’t I put it high on my priority list? Fear, conflicting priorities, blaming external circumstances, yadda yadda yadda, the works.

No more. I’m rebuilding my internal strength and courage and doing more of what I love simply because I love doing it. I’m not even worrying whether I’m “following the rules” or publishing perfect pieces. I’m just writing because I love to write and share my reflections, observations, and experiences so that other people like you may benefit.

How about you?

Think about your habits the past few years. Then, think about the life you actually want to lead.

Does your present align with your future? Are you on a path that takes you to your goals?

If not, no worries. Just redirect your thoughts and actions. Simple.

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  1. Sharilyn says:

    Thank you for your insight! I needed to read this today. Been reflecting on how & where in my life I need to change. Keep writing… it may be your purpose to reach someone like me.

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