Photos That Pay-It-Forward And A Delicious Salad Recipe

My friend, Monica, texted me this photo the other day, and I must say that it truly inspired me. I mean, aren’t you salivating just looking at that thing?! It looks so refreshing and delicious!

Monica sent this to me because she was so excited about her healthy lunch, and she wanted to share it with someone who would appreciate it. (She choose wisely.) She admitted that she saw a photo of this type of salad on Facebook and wanted to try it herself. Upon seeing Monica’s photo, I also felt the urge to replicate the salad.

Here are the ingredients: kale, avocado, pistachios, ruby-red grapefruit, and feta. There is no need to add dressing to this bad boy – the juices from the grapefruit make the salad moist and wonderfully citrusy.

The coolest thing about this salad is actually not the salad itself, but what the salad represents: inspiring others. Monica saw a photo of the salad and was inspired to create a healthy lunch. She was so excited about it that she texted me a photo of her salad creation. I received her photo and, in turn, was immediately inspired to eat healthy that day, too.

Isn’t that beautiful? It is a sequence of inspiration through the simple act of sharing a photograph.

Here is another photo that I received from my friend, Asha, back in October. Asha said she saw this and thought of me. It is a seemingly small act, but it created a ripple effect in my life. Whenever I think that I am way too small to take on the world’s problems or too insignificant to make any difference, I look at this photo and remember that my friend truly believes in me. And if she believes in me, I can believe in me, too. (The photo also potentially verifies that I am crazy…)

Photos That Pay-It-Forward And A Delicious Salad Recipe - Change the World

The main reason I created this website was to share information and inspiration with the masses. There are so many websites with wonderful articles and photographs on how to live well, be happy, and treat others with respect. I wanted to be part of the gang and pay-it-forward with stuff I have learned and stuff that I encounter in my everyday life.

So, consider this article an official pay-it-forward of the ruby-red grapefruit salad. I hope it makes your mouth water so much that you just have to go to the kitchen and start gnawing on vegetables. If you do find inspiration from the photo of the salad, please continue to pay-it-forward by sharing this article on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, or text or email it to someone you know could use a boost. As mentioned before it isn’t really about the salad, but what the salad represents: inspiring others.


Do you know anyone that would appreciate something you are excited about? Do you know anyone that could use a little pick-me-up? Maybe you can think of a friend or two that has been down-in-the-dumps lately or who is struggling to achieve a goal. Do you have a photograph that makes you think of this friend or a photograph that you think could lift up your friend a bit?

Send away!

You never know what might inspire someone to achieve their best; so if you have something to share, send the text, Instagram, Pinterest pin, or Facebook message. Social media is great way to spread inspiration around, but make sure you give an individual message to someone you know would appreciate or need the boost. It just might make all the difference in the world.

(A quick thank you to all my friends and family who inspire me every day. I deeply love and appreciate all of you.)

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