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To succeed, work hard, never give up and above all cherish a magnificent obsession. - Walt Disney

Nurture Healthy Obsessions

You might find motivational messages that tell you to become obsessed with your passions. Live, breathe, eat, sleep them, and soon they will become your whole life. It’s always good to work hard toward your goals so that your vision becomes your reality. And if you want to outperform the status quo, you’ll need to …

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What we think, we become. - Buddha

How to Break a Bad Habit in One Simple Step

When we try to change our habits, we tend to focus on the habit we want to change. The problem with that is, we’re still thinking about the habit. The habit is still the focus of our minds. What we really want to do is stop thinking about the habit and start thinking about other …

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Monday Motivation for May 4, 2015

It is so easy to lose focus and forget what is truly important to us. And oftentimes it’s not until we break down that we realize how far from our path we’ve strayed. The good thing is the path itself doesn’t stray. That path is always there waiting for our return. So, all we need …

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