Monday Motivation for May 4, 2015

It is so easy to lose focus and forget what is truly important to us. And oftentimes it’s not until we break down that we realize how far from our path we’ve strayed.

The good thing is the path itself doesn’t stray. That path is always there waiting for our return. So, all we need to do is retrace our steps until things start seeming familiar.

When we think back day-by-day how we got where we are, it’s usually very easy to see where we made a wrong turn. And if we keep retracing each day, we eventually find our way back to the path we originally were on.

Our path. Our purpose. Who we are, what we want, and where we are going.

When we get to the path in our mind’s eye, we can regroup, strategize a return trip, and doubleback.

Then, the mission is to stay on the path and get better at recognizing the shiny objects and noises that draw our attention elsewhere.

This doesn’t ensure that we’ll never stray from our path again. But maybe next time we won’t go so far.

What path are you on? Are you on your own path or have you maybe strayed onto someone else’s?

Are you lost? Does everything feel so unfamiliar and not in a good way?

It’s okay. Just stop right where you are. Get your bearings if you can. Think back day-by-day. Retrace your steps. Find your path in your mind’s eye, then figure out how to get there and doubleback.

Then focus. Stay focused on your path, your purpose, your mission.


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