You’re An Adult, Stop Blaming Your Parents

I think everyone goes through a phase where they blame their parents for the negative aspects of who they are  and where they currently are (or are not) in their life. That is probably normal and perhaps good in one sense. It is useful to reflect on the past to gain insight for our present and future.

However, you are an adult, right?

If you are over 27 years old, you need to grow up and stop blaming your upbringing for the negative aspects of your life and ways of thinking. You are old enough now to know better. You probably learned many life lessons the hard way, so it is your responsibility to retain those lessons and apply what you learned to other areas of your life.

You are inevitably a product of your parents and siblings; however, you are not an exact replica. You do have a choice to be different than your parents and people of major influence during your upbringing if you want to be different.

But, I encourage you to think: Are your parents really that bad? Did they really wrong you that much to create such resentment in your heart and mind?

If you came from an abusive home or from serious neglect, that is tough. I totally get how it would take a lot more mental energy to let go of resentment and not fall into similar patterns. Therefore, this article may not be for you.

However, I think many Americans can look back and their childhoods and say they had a decent upbringing. There was food, education, and love – perhaps varying degrees of such, but it was all there.

So, why dissect every moment that your parents screwed up? Why assume that you are trapped in a fate that is dictated by someone else’s life choices? Why hold onto grudges, judgements, and childhood pain throughout your whole life?

Your parents are people. They did what they could with what they knew. You can not blame them for that.

You are hopefully smarter than your parents. (I say “hopefully” because it is always the desire to provide better for your children and enhance the human species with each generation.) Being smarter, you may see things differently. Seeing things differently does not imply that all previous ways of thinking are wrong.

How narcissistic.

People once thought the world was flat. Of course, we know now that it is round. But just because people did not have the technology or capability to know the true shape of the earth, does not mean that they were wrong for thinking that or stupid or incompetent. People made decisions based on what they knew. You can not blame them for that.

You are like the people that figured out the earth is round, where your parents thought it flat. Your parents will be dumbfounded (not dumb) and very proud of your discovery. Do not patronize your parents because they did not have the capability you have to think otherwise.

One day, you may be a parent, too, and you will see how hard it is to raise a person. Even if you are not a parent, at some point in your life you will realize that your parents were humans susceptible to making mistakes, just like you.

So, give your parents some slack. Learn from the past, but do not forget all the wonderful memories of your childhood. The laughter and love. Be grateful for who your parents are exactly as they are, and thank them for giving you life and an opportunity to live.

Your parents love you more than they even realize. Give back to them by returning that love and enriching their lives.


Make a quick mental list of all the things you love or admire about your parents. Your parents undoubtedly have character traits that you like and learn from. Keep those characteristics in your mind at all times. When you feel the urge to blame your parents for something silly, just pull out your list and focus on the good stuff. Take ownership over your own flaws and see them as independent of your upbringing. Each day you have the choice to be whoever and whatever you want. Your past is past, so get over it. Move into the future with gratitude for lessons learned and dedication to continual improvement.