Category: Relationships

How To Reason With Unreasonable People

How do you reason with unreasonable people? You don’t. I am sorry to say, but you do not reason with unreasonable people because they are, in fact, unreasonable. However, there are some communication tactics that can abate your nerves and make tough conversations more productive. Consider these the next time you are confronted by an …

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Letting Go Of The Past: A Logical Method

Letting go of the past is a skill that you can develop. Although it is somewhat abstract, the skill of letting go is practiced with a few simple tools and a lot of patience. Everyone has something they need to let go. It may be resentment toward parents, a grudge against an old friend, an …

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Be Nice to Your Grocery Store Clerks

Do you ever get in line at the grocery store and hear someone say something like, “Oh great, this lane’s light is flashing. Can’t they get anyone competent to work here?!” People tend to overdramatize the act of waiting in line. We are all in such a hurry that a few minutes in the checkout lane feels …

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