Give Today A Chance

Give today a chance to be everything you ever wanted it to be.

When you wake up in the morning forget the, “Oh great…I gotta do <insert thing you’re dreading here>,” and say to yourself, “this will be an incredible day.”

You have the ability to make each and every day amazing, happy, fun, adventurous, and peaceful. You also have the ability to make each day dreadful, lousy, boring, and full of anger.

No one else gets to set the tone for the day but you.

Despite that there are grumps in the world, people performing acts of hate, and all sorts of insecure bullies targeting others instead of working on themselves, no one controls how you think and feel about yourself and the world.

You choose how you think and feel

It makes sense that when someone says something unkind, you feel sad or angry. However, you are still choosing to feel sad or angry.

We’ve grown so used to surrendering ourselves to others that we forget we are actively choosing our thoughts and emotions.

And we’ve subsequently grown so used to playing victim and blaming others instead of asserting self-control over our minds and actions.

But that can change at any time, whenever we want it to.

The nice thing about being in control of our minds is that we can release any and all negative thoughts and feelings whenever we decide we’ve had enough. When our mental load gets too heavy, we can simply put our thoughts aside and release ourselves from anything that’s weighing us down.

You can change how you think and feel

You don’t have to think the thoughts and feel the feelings you have right now. You can change them and make them better.

Or you can choose not to think anything at all. (Sometimes that’s just as good.)

You’re not “stuck” like your gremlin says you are. You’re not trapped or chained down.

Maybe things aren’t going as you’d like them to. Maybe people aren’t acting the way you want them to act.

That’s just life.

We can’t control everything around us. The only thing we can ever truly control is our mind.

This should be encouraging and empowering. Because there is actually something we can do to change our situation, and it doesn’t take any money or gadget or diet or person.

All it takes is a little shift in our thinking.

Give today a chance to be amazing

Today can be anything you want it to be. You just have to want it to be.

We’re so quick to give up before we even start.

One snag. One snarl. One setback. And we throw in the towel.

Not this day.

Today, we’re going to want the day to be amazing. And we’re going to align all our thoughts with that want.

Then, we’re going to align our words and actions with our thoughts.

By focusing on our want, aligning our thoughts with the want, then aligning our words and actions with the thoughts, we’ll see the day unfurl and bloom into a gorgeous bouquet of happiness.

Give today a chance to be amazing and you’ll find that you’re really giving yourself a chance to be amazing today.

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