How To Handle The Hypocrites In Your Life

Isn’t it annoying when people complain about the very things they themselves do? Isn’t it so friggin’ frustrating when people preach one thing then do another?

Yeah…but, who cares?

I do it. You do it, too.

People don’t always set out to be preachers or know-it-alls. And they certainly don’t set out to be hypocrites.

Just because we catch people in the act of hypocrisy doesn’t mean they are bad, stupid, inferior, or hypocrites.

And if we judge them, then we are hypocrites, too.

No one is perfect

You’re not perfect either.

Perfection is a silly desire anyways.

Our concept of perfection is so skewed, and we put so much pressure on ourselves and others to achieve it. But we never will.

Next time we are disappointed in someone else’s words or actions (or our own words and actions), let’s remember that no one is perfect. Not them, not us.

Many people are trying

Sure, there’s some people in this world who will never see past their noses and never understand why they should.

But a lot of people actually want to be good, better, nice, thoughtful.

This doesn’t mean we have put on our rose colored glasses every day, but would it really damage our souls to give other people some quack – I mean slack?

Maybe instead of seeing all the faults, we could see the effort people make to do good. Who knows, we may just find more good than fault.

Be careful when casting stones

I grew up reading the King James Bible and will never forget the story about “casting the first stone.” It went a little sumpin’ like this:

Jesus went to the mount of Olives…
The scribes and Pharisees brought him a woman taken in adultery;
they had set her in the midst and said unto him,
Master, this woman was taken in adultery, in the very act…
Jesus said unto them,
He among you that is without sin, let him cast a stone at her…
And they which heard it, being convicted by their own conscience, went out one by one:
and Jesus was left alone, and the woman standing in the midst.
John 8:1-9

No one is without flaws. No one is without mistakes. No one should be judged so harshly.

(…aaaaand we can discuss “the historic use of women as examples of sin and how it still influences our perception of women today” another time…)

What we’re really after is superiority

Pesky gremlins…always trying to sabotage our relationships…

The only reason we judge people in the first place is because we have this inherent need to feel important. And oftentimes, we need to feel more important that everyone else around us.

We just have these silly egos that crave attention and want us to be superior to everybody else.

Welp, that’s just not gonna happen.

Because we’re smarter than that.

Anytime we have a feeling of judgment or superiority over another person – even a person who is speaking or acting hypocritically – we know that all we have to do is let go of that feeling.


Is there anyone in your life that you may be a little too hard on?

Regardless if you feel they deserve a scowl, what does judging that person say about you? (Remember: What You Say About Others Says A Lot About You)

Let’s take a few moments to think about the people in our lives we claim are “hypocrites” and start to let go of that need for superiority.

Next time we find ourselves in a situation where we’d rather judge someone than love them, let’s remember:

  1. No one is perfect
  2. Many people are trying
  3. Don’t cast stones

Then, just let go.

The Be Well Place End Of Post

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