Monday Motivation: The Fear Beneath All Fears

How many times a day do you feel insignificant or not good enough? And how many times are you able to recover from such thinking?

We all experience this nagging fear that we’re not important and that people will judge us negatively.

This fear stops us dead in our tracks.

It immobilizes us and prevents us from taking action, speaking up, trying something new, making changes, and living life fully.

When we break it down, we can clearly see how silly this fear is because it’s something we make up in our minds – it’s not a real threat.

This fear arises when our egos try to protect themselves.

We don’t like feeling hurt or embarrassed, so our egos create this defense mechanism that prevents us from subjecting ourselves to anything that would cause us to feel hurt or embarrassed.

(Our egos are so frustrating.)

But the fear that our egos create isn’t a real threat. The real threat is the ego itself.

The ego feeds off the opinion of others. It feeds off fanfare and praise. It shrivels up when it thinks it’s being judged in an unfavorable way. And it takes the rest of our being with it.

The rest of our thoughts, ambitions, energy, and love all get sucked into this black hole of egotism. And it’s really hard to get out of it.

Really, really hard.

When we let the ego go unmanaged we get depressed, stressed, insecure, fearful, lonely, jealous, angry, and selfish.

We morph into an ugly version of ourselves. We become scary monsters.

Don’t let that ego feast upon other people’s judgments.

Cut off its food supply and drown it in acceptance, understanding, and love.

As the fear gets weaker, the stress and depression gets weaker, and our ability to love ourselves and others gets stronger.

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