Monday Motivation for March 16, 2015

What we release to the world, we get back eventually.

That means everything we say, do, think, and feel comes back to us full circle.

Knowing that, why wouldn’t we say nice things, do kind acts, think positive thoughts, and feel happy most days?

We are not perfect, so we are going to mess up sometimes. But if we focus on “most days,” we will find that good things come our way more often.

And the good things that come our way have nothing to do with luck.

Luck is a lazy way of thinking in which life is happening to us. Luck relieves us from taking responsibility for our lives.

No one is lucky when we believe in karma and that what goes around comes around.

We determine was comes to us by what we give.

This is not a selfish way of looking at giving, but an inherent truth of life that determines our fate. (But remember, You Can’t Give To Take.)

What we give is what we get.

And as the saying goes, if we don’t like the plants we’re reaping, we need to sow different seeds.


(photo credit: A Little Luck by JD Hancock via Flickr license)

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