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"I'm not in this world to live up to your expectations and you're not in this world to live up to mine." - Bruce Lee

Self-serving Expectations

It’s not good to expect others to fill up your cup or fix all your problems. It’s not good to blame others for not doing what you wish they’d do. Especially if you’re expecting them to read your mind or pick up on subtle hints. Now, it’s okay to expect respect from others. And if …

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"Soul connections are not often found and are worth every bit of fight left in you to keep." - Shannon L. Alder

Reconnect With Those You Love

We come and go through life’s to-and-fros, but some people tend to stick with us. We may not always see them or talk to them, but knowing they’re out there somewhere makes us feel all snugly warm. No matter how long it’s been, and how much life has gone by, it’s important to reconnect at …

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Monday Motivation: Letting Go Of People’s Expectations

In last week’s Monday Motivation, we talked about getting outside our comfort zones. This week, we focus on letting go of other people’s expectations. Whenever we make a life change, embark on a new journey, or do something we’ve never done before, we typically want to share what we’re up to with our friends and …

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The One Thing That Kills All Relationships

We hem. We haw. We wonder. We sit in silence with glaring eyes and dissatisfied temperaments. All because people aren’t doing what we expect them to do. Expectation is the number one killer of relationships. Assumption is a close second. And communication brings up the rear. Our biggest fault, hugest mistake, most glaringly obvious blunder is placing …

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A red stone in the shape of a heart in a bowl of gray stones.

3 ways to practice self-love

Self-love doesn’t come easy for everyone. Some of us are conditioned to feel guilty for prioritizing ourselves above others. But we are a big part of our lives and just as important as everyone else. And if we don’t take care of ourselves, what good are we to anyone? For those out there struggling with …

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Monday Motivation for May 11, 2015

Mother’s Day is not just a bouquet of flowers, a piece of jewelry, or a fancy dinner. It’s a day to celebrate the person who rented out her womb, sacrificed her sanity, put her needs aside so that another human being could live. But such a day does not require fanfare or exuberant praise. All …

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Monday Motivation for March 2, 2015

March is a month of hope. For many, it is the last month of snowstorms when an occasional bird can be heard serenading the morning sun. I’m one of those jerks who lives in 80-degree weather all year ’round. I said goodbye to snow about a year and a half ago. But 80-degree weather all year …

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Christmas Is Bigger Than Christ

Christmas is a very special religious holiday where Christians all around the world celebrate the birth of Christ. But I’m here to tell you, Christmas is so much bigger than that. I grew up Catholic, so I once devoted myself to Christ and fully experienced the mystery and magic of Advent. It was lovely to grow …

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What You Say About Others Says A Lot About You

Gossip is the least intelligent form of modern-day communication. One of my favorite quotes that summarizes this concept was spoken by Eleanor Roosevelt: “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” This couldn’t be more true. When we say negative things about someone, we display more of our true character than theirs. We expose …

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