Monday Motivation: Letting Go Of People’s Expectations

In last week’s Monday Motivation, we talked about getting outside our comfort zones. This week, we focus on letting go of other people’s expectations.

Whenever we make a life change, embark on a new journey, or do something we’ve never done before, we typically want to share what we’re up to with our friends and family. The problem is, we don’t always get the reaction we expect…

It’s hard enough to try something new and confront our fears, and it’s even worse when we get discouraged because of other people’s opinions.

The thing is: what other people say and do has nothing to do with us.

We all have a tendency to project our own personal fears and insecurities onto each other – yes, we all do this. It takes practice to not do it.

So, when we’re already feeling timid and reaching for the last drop of courage we have inside of us to make a change, we need to put our blinders up, focus on ourselves, and not worry so much about what people think.

In this week’s episode, we discuss what’s really happening behind the scene of other people’s expectations and how to move past them.

Monday Motivation Episode #2: Letting Go Of Other People’s Expectations

Here’s your full dose of this week’s Monday Motivation:

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Up next…

Next week, we talk about another element related to getting outside our comfort zones – the fear of not being perfect. Stay tuned!

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