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The most important part of the body is the brain. - Frida Kahlo

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

You can be physically fit and still be unhealthy. Health isn’t just about diet and exercise. Although, a wholesome diet and daily exercise are super-duper important. To round off those chiseled muscles, you need to include your mind in your regime. What recurring thoughts do you think? Are they helpful? Self-deprecating? Aligned with your goals? …

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Gratitude Check: How to Practice Gratitude Daily - The Be Well Place

Gratitude Check: How to Practice Gratitude Daily

It’s so easy to focus on what we are without, but it feels so much better to practice gratitude and fill our minds with thoughts of acceptance. Gratitude gives us peace, purpose and joyful contentment. This feeling phenomenon draws much interest and is currently a hot topic in health care and psychology. Harvard Health reports …

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5 Reasons Why Practicing Yoga At Home Is Awesome

Yoga classes are great. They are an excellent opportunities to learn, meet people, and unwind. And the shared energy is so powerful. But we mustn’t neglect our need for solitude. It is important that we develop the skills and confidence to practice at home or wherever we are, so that we don’t become too reliant …

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Letting Go Of Old Ways Of Thinking

We tend to corner ourselves into certain thinking patterns that are neither rational nor productive. These thinking patterns stay with us our entire lives and ultimately hold us back from living the life we desire. You know what I’m talking about. The negative thought patterns, the victimizing statements, the self-insults, the can’ts, the resentments. Resentment, …

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Anxiety Is Like Second Hand Smoke

Some things just don’t need to be shared. Anxiety is one of them. We all need to vent from time to time, but when we find that our conversations are mostly complaints, it’s time to take a few breaths and reorient our thinking. Anxiety is energy Anxiety is a form of energy – and not …

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Why You Need To Meditate Right Now

You have 18,000 things running through your head, you’re stressed about work and family and friends and weddings and babies and budgets and car maintenance and bills and – shoot! You have to go to that really important thing that’s been on your mind for the past four days even though it’s happening tonight and you’re …

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Monday Motivation: Feelings Are Fleeting

A feeling is but a fleeting thought jetpacking through our inner universe. Too hippie for a Monday? Okay, fine… A feeling is but a fleeting thought that we think with every morsel of our being. Better? Anyways… The point is this: feelings, no matter how strong they seem, come and go. They don’t stay…unless we …

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When Did Yoga Become Pretentious?

Work alone is your privilege, never the fruits thereof. Never let the fruits of action be your motive; and never cease to work. Work in the name of the Lord, abandoning selfish desires. Be not affected by success or failure. This equipoise is called Yoga. – The Bhagvad Gita The practice of yoga in America …

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