Monday Motivation: Conquer Your Monsters

We all have monsters in our lives that we fear.

But our fear is irrational. And it can go away if we want it to.

There are two ways we can conquer our monsters:

  1. Acknowledge the monster and recognize it as something we made up in our heads. (Because, you know, stuff we make up in our heads can also be un-made up in our heads.)
  2. Confront the monster head on and realize how capable we are at overcoming our fears.

In either case we win.

But if we take no action, we lose.

We have no one to blame for our fears and no good excuses for avoiding them.

What are you afraid of? What scares you?

Do that.

Do it every chance you get.

And you’ll see.

Over time.

You’ll no longer be fearful.

And the monster will no longer exist.

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