Monday Motivation: Let Go Of Being Perfect

This week’s Monday Motivation is all about letting go of the fear of not being perfect. If you missed the last two episodes, you can check them out here:

It’s normal to want to be good at whatever it is we’re doing. And it’s a really good thing to strive for the highest and exceed what we thought was possible.

But there’s plenty of day-to-day stuff that doesn’t require perfection.

As we get older, we tend to think that we need to be good at everything we do. As if being an adult means we’ve already mastered life.

So far from the truth.

We don’t need to be perfect at everything, especially when we’re learning something new or headed down a new path. But it’s so easy to place way too much pressure on ourselves to be perfect, which causes loads of anxiety and probably makes us less-good at whatever we’re doing.

Our desire for perfection is simply our gremlins trying to control and possess yet another thing.

Trying to be perfect at all times is nuts – it’s just plain nuts. Even the most successful people aren’t perfect all the time. You don’t have to be perfect either.

In this week’s episode, we touch on this pesky fear of not being perfect and what we should perhaps focus on instead.

Monday Motivation Episode #3: Letting Go Of Of The Fear Of Not Being Perfect

Here’s your full dose of this week’s Monday Motivation:

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