Quote Of The Day: Inspiration From Albert Einstein

Think about it. When you take a risk and go against the grain, people object and give you a thousand reasons why it’s not a good idea or why you won’t succeed.

Don’t believe what they say, but consider their objection as an indicator that you are on the right track.

Usually, people respond negatively to things they find threatening. Such negativity is simply a projection of their personal insecurities and deep, hidden feelings of unworthiness. Without even realizing it, these people use bullying tactics to address the threat – they put you down in order to make themselves look and feel better. In other words, if they can make you look and feel bad, then they are relieved from feeling inferior to you.

They are irrational, of course, because your mission in life is not  to make them feel inferior to you. They are just being narcissistic and interpreting your “great spirit” as a personal attack.

So, you must learn to accept that opposition is part of the path to success. And the stronger the success, the greater the opposition.

Imagine how different this world would be if Albert Einstein listened to the people that told him he would fail. Image what our world would be like if Einstein allowed people to tell him how he should think about himself.

Not only was he brilliant in physics and mathematics, but Einstein was skilled at confidence and self-worthiness. He believed in his concepts regardless of what the small-minded people around him said.

Even if you never quite learned Einstein’s theory of relativity, you can still learn this from him: Do what you know in your heart is right.

Get on your side, have your own back, and gently brush off short-sighted people with love and compassion. If you are working toward something that you believe in, do not let other people’s objections stand in your way. Embrace objection and interpret it as a sign that you are making progress.

You may never be a brainiac like Einstein, but you certainly have the capability to build your own confidence and self-worthiness each and every day.


  1. RMC says:

    “Get on your side, have your own back, and gently brush off short-sighted people with love and compassion.” — YES, YES, YES. This was perfect for my day… I love it. I miss you, Rachael!

    All the best,

    • Rachael says:

      Hi Radiant! Glad it was helpful :) I miss and love you, too! Looking forward to hiking with you and NoW this month! Thank you, as always, for engaging on this site and being part of the conversation.

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