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You Can’t Give To Take: When Generosity Goes Too Far

I was visiting my friend Kelly in New York City a few years ago and learned a surprising lesson that stuck with me since. No it wasn’t, “Don’t sit next to the naked dudes in the Turkish baths.” It was this simple phrase: “You can’t give to take.” I was drunk off the big city (though we …

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Monday Motivation for March 9, 2015

We often feel pressured to put others before ourselves. When we put others before ourselves, we convince ourselves that we’re doing the right thing, no matter what it costs us. I disagree with this philosophy. It is not selfish to put your needs before someone else’s. It is not selfish for you to prioritize your …

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Will You Be Your Valentine?

Whether you’re a an avid fan or despise the upcoming holiday, Valentine’s Day is coming. And that means two things: chocolate and depression. Many people are excited that for one day in February it is totally excusable to overdose on candy and sugar (so long as it’s heart-shaped). Then there’s those who abhor the color red …

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