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“Be curious, not judgemental.” - Walt Whitman

You Are What You Judge

Do you know that your judgment of others is a reflection of you? And how you feel about yourself? It rarely has anything to do with the people you’re judging. See, judgment is a defense mechanism that helps us justify our lives and maintain a sense of control. But control is something we seek when …

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When you judge others, you do not define them, you define yourself. - Earl Nightingale

Scale Back the Judgment

We tend to judge people and get overly concerned with how other people are living their lives when we feel dissatisfied with our own. See, our judgments are just projections of how we feel about ourselves – they really have nothing to do with the people we’re judging. So, instead of wasting time nitpicking other …

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How To Handle The Hypocrites In Your Life

Isn’t it annoying when people complain about the very things they themselves do? Isn’t it so friggin’ frustrating when people preach one thing then do another? Yeah…but, who cares? I do it. You do it, too. People don’t always set out to be preachers or know-it-alls. And they certainly don’t set out to be hypocrites. …

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The One Thing That Kills All Relationships

We hem. We haw. We wonder. We sit in silence with glaring eyes and dissatisfied temperaments. All because people aren’t doing what we expect them to do. Expectation is the number one killer of relationships. Assumption is a close second. And communication brings up the rear. Our biggest fault, hugest mistake, most glaringly obvious blunder is placing …

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Yoga Is Not A Platform For Competition

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned yogi, you know exactly what I’m talking about. When we rank yoga studios, judge people during class, talk about the teacher’s quality of instruction (or lack thereof), we are certainly NOT practicing yoga. I know this because I’ve been both victim and perpetrator of this social crime. (Dramatic, …

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Monday Motivation for March 30, 2015

Don’t care what people think of you, but put your best face forward. Express who you truly are, but follow the rules. Such conflicting statements. Or are they? It seems the battle of self-worth and confidence begins every single morning we wake up and dress ourselves for the day. It’s so subtle, yet so powerful and significant. Many …

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Monday Motivation: The Fear Beneath All Fears

How many times a day do you feel insignificant or not good enough? And how many times are you able to recover from such thinking? We all experience this nagging fear that we’re not important and that people will judge us negatively. This fear stops us dead in our tracks. It immobilizes us and prevents us from taking …

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Monday Motivation for March 2, 2015

March is a month of hope. For many, it is the last month of snowstorms when an occasional bird can be heard serenading the morning sun. I’m one of those jerks who lives in 80-degree weather all year ’round. I said goodbye to snow about a year and a half ago. But 80-degree weather all year …

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Christmas Is Bigger Than Christ

Christmas is a very special religious holiday where Christians all around the world celebrate the birth of Christ. But I’m here to tell you, Christmas is so much bigger than that. I grew up Catholic, so I once devoted myself to Christ and fully experienced the mystery and magic of Advent. It was lovely to grow …

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