Well, Well, Well…If It Isn’t Well-Woman.org

A quick shout-out to my girl Suzie Stercho for working hard on her website, Well-Woman. Suzie is a registered nurse, health guru, hilarious and service-oriented person, and has the most enthusiasm for life out of anyone I have ever known. Her energy truly transcends space and time, as she easily inspires those around her to live well and do good.

Suzie’s latest article, The Price of Poor Posture, discusses how we as a society need to straighten up our act (and our backs) in order to be healthier, less stressed, and more productive. Here are some other articles that you should check out:

Fighting The Flue From Your Kitchen

Not All Oils Are Created Equal

The Value Of Vulnerability

The Female Heart Attack

Suzie covers everything from head to toe, inside and out, with a strong focus on women’s health. She even gets into the nitty gritty and answers some questions most women want to know, but feel funny asking. For example, her article, What’s a Cervix, takes women on a journey through their nether regions and explains the highlights of this mysterious feature.

I encourage the ladies to check out Well-Woman.org (as a supplement to The Be Well Place, of course…duh). Leave her some feedback and let her know what you are interested in learning. She wants to know what women want to know, then provide answers and solutions to help women live well and happy every day.

Thanks, Suzie, for all your positive contributions to the world!

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