Monday Motivation: Nothing Is Permanent

Nothing is permanent. We know it, we say it – but in order to experience the benefits of this truth, we must adopt the concept fully and see it as something empowering, not scary.

Life is impermanent. We all have an end date, though we don’t necessarily know when that is. This isn’t scary or morbid or wrong to think about. It’s quite healthy to think about death and remember that we are mortal.

Mortality reminds us how precious our limited time is on this amazing Earth. It also provides a sense of courage to let go of everything we allow to hold us back from living the life we know we’re meant to live. We’re able to get outside that cozy comfort zone and embrace the challenges of change and growth.

Change is inevitable. Everything on this planet changes – and we can’t do anything to stop it.

Why fight change? Why resist?

Why not instead embrace the change we cannot control and focus more on our ability to adapt and evolve?

I always liked Jim Rohn’s quote: “Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.”

But of course, don’t just sit around and “wish” you were better. Develop the mental habits needed to facilitate the life you want.

This week, we talk about how impermanence is empowering and helps us live life to the fullest.

Monday Motivation Episode #5: Nothing Is Permanent

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Next week, we expand on impermanence a bit and get into the notion of “belonging”…

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